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 This is our Story 

Indee Collection about

Indee was conceived on a journey; one  of those where one pushes one's limits; where immersion in an elsewhere makes you feel the obvious, at the crossroads.

Since their mutual crush, long kept secret from each other, the creators had been repressing the irremediable desire to apply their complicity to their craft.

After years of friendship, travel and sharing, it became clear to them when they returned from a trek at an altitude of 2,000 metres.

Like a challenge that one throws to oneself, between enthusiasm and folly, they decided to embark a new project. 

A final path for their grown-up children, to show them that nothing is impossible, that one can always reinvent oneself.

In this whirlwind of exchange, creativity and will, into which their whole tribe and friends have been sucked, a team, as solid as it is faithful, was born, together with a fist collection as well as a first collection. 


One, we are unique, independent. We are Indee.


Indee Collection AboutBehind this young brand created in 2016, there are two knowing smiles. And never far away, a dynamic bunch of girls.

Indee is aimed at girls and young women. It exists for them and thanks to them. 

The hybrid team is made up of demanding and imaginative, multifaceted, highly creative and rebellious young ladies, 

 The unique concept was initiated   by two designers who brought more than 20 years of experience each in the business, merged their skills in this ambitious new project. Coached and energized by constantly connected teenage girls the designers conceive their collection as a work in progress. Nell, Célia, Laura, Billie, Raphaëlle, Gloria and the others form the clan that helps with the creation of the collections at all stages and with the communication. 


About Indee Collection



The participatory aspect approach started spontaneously, with the desire to include  the opinion, critiques and ideas of their most immediate partners, the clan's teen-agers. 

The shootings are unmissable   events, a great playground where joy and complicity  are invitations to monkey around in front of the camera. The roles follow one another, the older members of the gang pass on the torch and would rather find new tasks rather than miss the rendezvous. Some of them blossom by taking different initiatives, such as becoming team leaders, recruiting new models or sharing Indee's magic on the various social media platforms. 

The girls grow and evolve with the brand and so does Indee. The size's distribution which goes from 8, 10, 12 to XS, S, M  is set to allow everyone to grow at one's own pace then bloom, always changing, even as adults. 




Imagine all the people.

All Indee models are created in Belgium and produced in Europe. The precious knitwear is Italian, like part of the garment.

The other pieces are produced in Portugal or Tunisia.

Indee values each country's historical know-how and favours its craftsmanship, its specificities its industrial manufacturing traditions.

The company aims at transparency and shows great concern about social and environment conditions of production. With requirement being its constant, Indee does not advocate the transport by plane, and, being ever more concerned about the environment, it favours short distances for the transport of the goods.

The team regurlarly visits the various production sites to ensure that working conditions are both respectable and humane. Because labels are reassuring, Indee prefers to work with factories that are ecological and/or ethical certified. 


Teenage kicks are hard to beat.

Independence according to Indee is that of a new generation of girls who mix and remix references, blend styles and colours to invent a wardrobe that sticks to their skin.

Our identities are varied and works in progresses, every day we get to choose our character. 

A role-playing game to build oneself, to tame one's individuality and uniqueness.

A global style, universal like today's girls, that looks like them and brings them together.




Teens wanna have fun.


A fashion that plays with codes, associates offbeat prints, remixes genres, dares flash colours or glitter.


In the dressing room, audacity is freely expressed.

Surprisingly, the brand embraces fashion without following it too closely, walking in its wake with casualness, a bit rebellious when inspired by yesterday's iconic female models,

or today's influencers.

Indee celebrates creativity, music, cinema, appropriating the profusion of cultural references.

To dress is to invent something new every day.


Me, myself and us.

Every girl is free to be who she is.

When each finds her place, the pleasure is shared, spread and the clan can grow from it. 

The community spirit of Indee is inspiring and will make the website evolve towards a place of exchange and sharing.


A joyous sorority for girls who feel they belong to the same constantly changing world. This club will feature articles that will highlight our community of Indee girls one at a time, drawing her intimate and inspiring portrait. 


One, united, unique.