The following document contains the general conditions of sale for order placed on the website


LEGAL NOTICE is published by and under the responsability of SRL INDE, whose registered office is located at 41 SINT HUBERTUSDREEF , B-3090 Overijse, registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number BE 0647 755 904. Legally represented by Mrs Ariane Van der Elst

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The site,  as well as all information pages about it, are available in English and in French



The fact of placing an order on the site supposes the acceptance by the user of the general conditions as described bellow. The user acknowledge having read and understand the terms ans conditions before validation, this validation having the same value as an handwritten signature of the user. 
The proof value of the publisher's registration systems is recognized by the user as valid and cannot be challenged in the ivent af a dispute. The acceptance and validation of the terms and conditions of use imply that the user has the necessary legal capacity for this,  or that they have received authorization from an authorized person in case of incapacity for this, or from their legal representative if they are minors.



Product availability: see description of each item

To place an order : the user can select one or more articles and add them to his basket by clicking on the button provided for this purpose. Once the order is complete, the user will access to his basket by clicking on the symbol provided for this purpose, allowing them to check the contents of the basket, number of selected items, unit prices and overall price of the order. At this point it is possible to add or remove items from the basket. If the user wishes to order items from the basket, he will click the Confirm Order button, which concludes a sales contract. Once the confirmation is made, the user will access a form asking for his ID and password if he is already registered on the site, or the creation of the form otherwise. This form contains the details of delivery and invoicing and the validation of the general conditions. Once the connection is established or the form is validated, the user will be redirected to a secure payment interface. Once the payment is received by the publisher of the site, the latter will send the customer an acknowledgement of receipt and a summary of the order, electronically, mentioning  the delivery time. The withdrawal period is in accordance with the relevant European laws, see page "SHIPPING, RETURN & REFUND".



The prices indicated on the site are expressed in EURO except otherwise stated, all taxes included, except delivery costs. These prices can be updated by the publisher at anytime, the price displayed is valid at the time of order only and does not predict prices in the futur. Delivery charges will be indicated to the customer during the secure payment interface, before payment.



The items sold remain property of SRL INDE until full payment of their price. The risk are transfered to the customer from the delivery.



Full payement of items plus shipping costs is an absolute prerequisite for any order delivery.

The customer can pay by credit card through a secure transaction provided by the provider MOLLIE. The publisher has no access to the data relating to the means of payment of the customer. 

In case of return, for the refund, see the tab "SHIPPING, RETURN & REFUND" 



Orders are delivered according to availibility ot items as described in the description of the item, and after receipt of the price of the order. this period is not fixed, depending on particular products or volumes ordered. The customer will ensure the package is delivered in good conditions, it is up to him to refuse damaged packages in order to enjoy the guarantee offered by the carrier. In such a case, the customer will inform the publisher immediately, so that he can replace the delivery upon receipt the damaged package in return.



Customer services: Customer service is available during working days, from 8.30am to 5pm CET, by phone 0032(0)473 67 24 28, or by mail to, or by post to SRL INDE, 41 Sint Hubertusdreef, 3090 Overijse. Each request will be answered as soon as possible.

Right to retract: see tab  "SHIPPING, RETURN & REFUND", Paragraphe RETURN.

Product warranty: see tab  "SHIPPING, RETURN & REFUND", Paragraphe DEFECTIVE PRUDUCTS



The creation of a customer area is essential to place any order on the site. The user will be asked to fill in a certain amount of personal information, which must be accurate or the publisher reserve the right to cancel the contract. it will not be possible to make a purchase and validate an order without having filled in the mandatory fields of the customer area.

the customer is invited to choose a password guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information contained in his customer area, this password is individual and can not be transmitted to third parties. the site cannot be held responsible for unauthorized access to the space of one of the customers.

The customer space will allow you to trace the history of your orders. The customer can always update his personal data in case of modification, the publisher can not be held responsible for the content of information produced by the customer. The publisher will keep this date secure, and reserves the right to cancel one-year inactive customer spaces and those whose informations are incorrect. These exclusions will under no circumstances give rise to compensation to the customer whose card has been removed.

See also tab : Privacy Policy



If, due to technical problem, access, to the site is impossible, the customer can not claim any compensation. the unavailability of one or more products, even for an extended period, cannot constitute a prejudice for the customer and will not give rise to compensation. The pictures of the articles published on the site are guaranteed as representative of the reality, and the descriptive sheet satisfies the obligations of information of the product. The color and / or shape of articles may however vary from one computer station to another or differ from reality depending on the quality of the screens or the resolution of the display, these differences can not be attributed to the publisher.



INDEE is a registered trademarks, all articles present on the site are protected by intellectual property laws, and as such are registered. In the absence of authorization, any copy, distribition or exploitation of these articles constitutes an offense liable to prosecution.

The protection is extended to the textual and graphic contents of the site, its structure, the name, the marks, the logos.



These general conditions and the obligations of the parties are governed by the laws applicable in Belgium. Any dispute arising from any of the clauses of these conditions may be submitted to the publisher for amicable settlement before any legal action, this procedure does not suspend the time to bring a legal action. Any dispute not resolved this way may be the subject of proceedings in the Courts of Brussels ( Belgium), which will be the exclusive juridiction to deal with any dispute between the parties in connection with the site, the general conditions or about an order or delivery. This clause is without prejudice to the rights of consumers.



If any of the clauses of this document were to be declared void by a court discision, this nullity will not be applicable to the other clauses that would continue to have effect. 

The publisher reserves the right to modify without notice the general conditions of sale at any time, the costumer will be informed during his next connection, he will be asked to approve and re-validate the new terms and conditions.