INDEE for Tomorrow

It’s no secret that the fashion industry, sadly, contributes enormously to pollution and environmental deterioration. Whether it be when transporting clothes from producers from one continent to stores situated on another continent, basically only reachable by plane, or when packing up these clothes individually in plastic polybags to keep them in perfect condition, almost every step of the process has a negative impact on the environment.  

At INDEE, we feel it is our responsibility to make better choices every day to minimize our environmental impact. We cannot claim to completely sustainable, as it can be a hard and lengthy process, but we believe in making the right changes to eventually one day get there.


What are we doing now?

Most of our clothes are produced in Europe, which considerably reduces transportation time and distance.

We assure that the workers are treated correctly by visiting the factories we work with once a year.

When ordering online, you will receive your haul in a 70% recycled and recyclable box. 

Depending on the situation, our team tries to work from home as much as possible to avoid going to our offices and thus reduce our carbon footprint.

Next year’s SS21 cotton pieces will be organic and we have taken the initiative to donate unsold pieces to the ones in need, instead of stocking them away.


What are we changing?

 We are in the midst of looking for more sustainable packaging alternatives (compostable polybags, delivery boxes, …) and we are also actively looking into ways to introduce more responsible fibres into our future collections.


What are our future objectives/initiatives?

By aligning ourselves to different UN Sustainable Development Goals (Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action) we want to make changes so that the textile used in the production of our clothes match the standards of the Certification of Environmental Standards. Furthermore, we are ready to make an annual donation to a non-profit working toward sustainability.