INDEE takes you this time to Guatemala, a country with a rich culture and a great diversity. 

With colourful villages, volcans, lakes, Maya temples,… Guatemala is definitely a country you would love. Because it's our case, we wanted to share with a few places we loved thinking you would too. 




Listed in the UNESCO world heritage site since 1979, The city of Antigua might be one of the most famous city in the country. With its colourful houses and its market, Antigua is definitely a place you don't want to miss. In the local market you will find fruits, vegetables, flowers, textiles, souvenirs,… . It's definitely the best way to buy locally. 







Besides the city itself, a must are the volcanoes. You can find 3 major volcanoes around Antigua, the volcanoes of Agua, Fuego and Acantenango. Fuego is the most active one and is not recommended to be climbed. If you want to make it safe we recommend you to climb the Pacaya, which is a little bit further but hasn't been active since 20.000 years ago. 








Lac Atitlán : 

Called "most beautiful lake in the world", Atitlán is a lake surrounded by 3 volcanoes and a lot of beautiful villages. The traditional Maya culture is still very present, they still wear traditional costumes and pays tribute to the saint Maximón. 






Flores : 

In the north of Guatemala you should go to Flores. Flores is a nice small city in the department of Petén. the city is located on the shores of Lake Petén Itzá. While you are at Flores you should walk around the Island of Flores, a cute little village.

What's even more interesting than the city itself are the ancient Maya cities Tikal & Yaxha. If you want to know more about the history of the Maya's, it's definitely a must. 






 Rio Dulce : 

It's time to go to the beach ! Put your bikini on and enjoy the sun at Rio Dulce, it's the perfect place to rest while taking the sun on the playa Blanca. You could also rent a kayak or paddle to navigate on the river. 




You want to visit surroundings you should go to Livingstone noted for its mix of cultures. And for more nature there is Siete Altares with its beautiful natural pools and waterfalls.