Like Indee Morocco is well known for his bright colors. Whether in spices, architecture, flowers,… colors are everywhere. 

Let's take a tour of the city to discover those places you don't want to miss. 





Majorelle garden: 

Created 100 years ago this botanical garden is mostly known for his cacti collection and his beautiful blue villa in which the Berber Museum is located. The museum shows the Berber history with clothings and jewellery. Fun fact, before it became a museum and public garden it was Yves Saint Laurent's residence. It might be a small garden but it's worth the visit. 






 The Yves Saint Laurent Museum: 

After going to the Majorelle garden you could go straight to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum which is located just next to it. In the museum itself you can obviously see some of Saint Laurent's work but you could also enjoy the paintings of Jacques Majorelle and discover some new contemporary artists. Without visiting the museum the architecture of the building alone is already nice to see. After the visit you could enjoy a delicious Vietnamese meal on the terrace of the museum. 






La Sultana spa: 

Morocco is known for its culture of care and wellness. Hammam, massages, care with essential oils,… enjoy a moment for your self in a typical oriental atmosphere at the spa of La Sultana hotel. 






El Fenn: 

To take your breakfast you should go to El Fenn. While eating you can enjoy the beautiful view on the Koutoubia Mosque. If you are not planning to take a breakfast you can go for dinner or just to have a drink. 







We presented you a rooftop to take your breakfast but here is one where the atmosphere is more festive and where it's better to go at night. Home made cocktails are a must but you can also try some Moroccan beers, wines and spirits. They also serve food with Mediterranean and Latin flavours and sushis. 






Medina quarter: 

The Medina quarter is the historical quarter of Marrakech. It's the place you shouldn't miss if you want to see the historical and traditional part of the city. It's in the Medina that you will find the souks, traditional oriental markets called Jemaa el-Fnaa. It's a huge market where you can find a lot of things like spices, babouches, carpets, jewellery,… made by craftsmen. 






Bahia palace: 

It's one of the major monuments of the country's cultural heritage, the Bahia palace shows you the moroccan architecture in all its beauty. Before becoming a touristic place it used to be a royal residence. 







If you wanna try traditional Moroccan food you should go to Nomad. They reinvent some traditional dishes or add a Moroccan touch to international dishes. All the ingredients they use are fresh, local and seasonal. You can even buy local food in their shop. While you're eating you can enjoy the sun on the terrace.