My name is Laura and I’m 24. After graduating from High School I took a gap-year travelling to Boston and Antwerp to perfect my English and Dutch. After that I came back to Brussels to study e-business and digital marketing at EPHEC.

This was exactly when my mum lauched INDEE so I got stuck in from the start, helping with the original website and focusing on the brand’s online presence. At first it was something I did on the side after classes but as time went by and the brand grew, I took on more responsibilities. I now manage and develop the brand’s identity on social media platforms, getting in touch with influencers, organizing on-line promotions etc. 





"I’ve been passionate about fashion for a long time."

My mum has always worked in the fashion industry so me and my sister have literally been surrounded by all things fashion since we were little. I love the creative process that goes into every collection and always try to be there at the very beginning, brainstorming with the designer and generally helping in any way I can.

"I’d say my style has definitely evolved since the launch of INDEE."


I express myself more through my choice of clothes and I have stopped caring about other people’s opinion – but that may be because I’m growing up! If I had to describe my style in a few words, it would be: romantic and boho-chic. Some of my inspirations are: @style_tonic, @junesixtyfive and @carolinereceveur.