This month, I had the pleasure to sit down with our INDEE girl Paloma



- Can you introduce yourself? Who are you, what are your passions and dreams?


My name is Paloma, I’m 13 and currently a student at the Collège Saint Michel in Brussels. Until the age of 5 I grew up in Portugal where I was born. I love the country, its relaxed vibe and delicious food! I return often to see family and friends but I don’t think I’ll ever live there full-time again. I’ve got a great group of friends here in Belgium now and I love my life here too much. I’m not planning on going anywhere!

I play hockey after school and am also really into fashion. I’d love to become either a lawyer or a model: two rather opposed career paths, I admit!

I also love music and listen to a lot of French rap alongside more commercial English stuff. My current playlist is called “fav”: I’ve compiled all my favorite sounds on it.

When I’m older I see myself studying either law or medicine. I’m not sure yet, but have loads of time to make up my mind!




- what’s your personal style like? Any style icon?


I either dress in oversize clothes or in a more “Knokke” style. I do keep track of the latest trends. My style icon is Kendall Jenner. I just love the way she dresses and she’s a definite inspiration. Fashion is all around us and has a big importance in my life, and now that I’ve tried my hand at modelling, I really enjoy that too.


- How do you see INDEE? What do you love about the brand?


To me, INDEE is perfectly in tune with what today’s young women want to wear. It is a brand with a very unique, distinctive style but which also allows us to combine items according to our own taste. I love that there’s really always something for everyone.



- How long have you been part of the INDEE adventure? Do you enjoy being one of the INDEE girls?


I’ve been part of the whole INDEE adventure since the beginning of last year. I started out with a few pictures and then I took part in the SS22 photoshoot which is coming out now. It was such a fun experience! We spent a weekend away in France with the whole team and the other INDEE girls. It was the first time I met everyone and we hit it off instantly. We just had the best time! I was asked if I wanted to become a permanent member of the INDEE gang and of course I accepted. It’s just an incredible experience and I can’t wait to see everyone again on the next photoshoot.


- Has your experience with INDEE changed anything in the way you dress?


I think so, yes. I still wear casual clothes but I do try to dress them up a bit more instead of going straight for the oversized items.




- What are your must-haves of the SS22 Collection? 

It’s quite a list, with lots of cream colors!