Last week we had the pleasure to welcome the winner group of our last photoshoot giveaway.

Nora, Mira and Marie-Alix are three best friends since a long time. They are going to school together they love fashion and are fan of INDEE.



We asked them a few questions about themselves, their style and what they love.


Let’s meet the girls!


 - Can you tell us more about yourself, your passions, your dreams and aspirations?


"Mira is almost 14 years old and her passion/hobby is dancing. She dances at international level and will soon go to Spain for that. Her dream is to achieve even more with dancing and to make it her profession one day. Mira has a positive attitude towards life and she is very busy and she certainly does not like to stay at home."




"Marie-alix is also almost 14 years old and her passion is definitely hockey, she does it 3 times a week, another hobby of her is painting. She also has one dog that she loves very much ❤ Her dream is to bring a lot of peace and positivity in the world later on. 🌎"




"Nora turned 14 in March and her passion is volleyball, dancing and of course shopping💓 Later she also wants to become a fashion designer because she has been dreaming of it all her life, her mum also runs a clothes shop where she often helps😍  She is also very positive in life and likes to travel around the world 🗺   "




  - What can you tell us about your personal style? Any style icon you relate to?


- Mira's style and style icon : 


- Marie-Alix's style and style icon : 
- Nora's style and style icon :

"Those were our styles and our fashion icons but.... Not to forget our favourite brand -> INDEE❤❤"



 - What are your thoughts on INDEE? What do you like about the brand?


"We think INDEE is a brand that makes you very happy, this is mainly because of the many colours that they are using💓 INDEE also follows all the trends and new fashion but in their own way which makes it so much fun 🦋 We also like the fact that there are many giveaways because that shows the kindness of the people behind the brand and also because of that we got the opportunity to win this giveaway which is so cool! So we think INDEE is just a super fun brand 😍😍"



- What are your favorite pieces from our Summer Collection? 











 - We also ask them why we should choose them over the other 5 groups, and this was their answers:


"We think you should go for us because we have the same vibe as INDE in life like being cheerful😁 and positive and we think INDEE radiates that💝.

All 3 of us are also often busy with fashion and clothes 💓 of course we think it is important that you can find your personality back in your style and the pieces of clothing that you wear and we managed to do that because we wear INDEE all the time💜💜💜

Because we have been able to share our personality through our style of clothing 😍, we want to let others do the same. Because at INDEE you have a lot of choice of colours that can reflect your personality💛💜💚💙

The three of us also have a very good relationship and are also in the same school, so there will be no lack of fun and good atmosphere😁😁

We have been fans of INDEE for a long time so it would be a great chance and a big dream to win this🥇❤"




 - The last question we asked them after the shooting : How was your experience with INDEE and what did you liked the most ?


"We thought it was a super fun experience, and we are very grateful that we got this chance. The shoot was super cool because it was really our moment and we were allowed to let loose and didn't have to hold back, they let us do what we want. Another cool thing is that we got the chance to see and wear the new winter collection already! 💞 Everything was just fun we had a great afternoon with INDEE! ❤️❤️❤️"