We had the chance to see Mira one of our INDEE GIRL to know a little bit more about her and her passion for dance. 



Less than a year ago we met Mira in the context of a giveaway where she won a photoshoot with her 2 best friends. She told us about her passion for dancing. We were curious so we asked if we could come to her dance school to know a little bit more about it. 


Mira is a 15 year old girl who loves to dance since she is little. She started at first with gymnastics but had a preference for dancing. She entered the Dancelot dance school 4 years ago. She started 3 years ago in the talent group where they give her the chance to participate to plenty of competitions and to win beautiful prices. She is already a dancer at an international level but it's not enough for her because her dream is to be a professional and to dance for a living. She is currently dancing ballet, modern and jazz. 



She now dances at the dance school @Dancelot in Brugge, Belgium. The school was created 17 years ago in 2006 by Charlotte Vander Zande. The school offers different quality classes of Ballet, Modern Jazz, Contemporary Dance, Musical and Pilates for all ages. 

The school stands for the ultimate dance pleasure at a high level and this in a family and warm atmosphere.


 What's important for Dancelot is the influence of dance on the physical, social and mental wellness. The team spirit is really important to bring people together and to support each other. Each person should be whoever they wanna be. They carry value for respect and freedom. 


The school created a platform called Dancelot ETUDE where dancers from the school have the chance to create their own choreography and perform it on stage. It's a great way to help girls be more independent.