Can you tell us a bit more about yourself, Anna? What are your dreams, your passions in life?

 My name is Anna, I’m still a student but will soon be graduating. I grew up in Marseille, France, then came to Belgium to study at La Cambre in Brussels. Now I’m back in France to finish my Master’s degree in Photography at the Beaux-Arts in Lyon. 

I’m a really curious person so I’m constantly on the lookout for new experiences and trends. I guess my passion is learning about new things! I love to travel and meet new people, and am into anything creative. Other than that, I think I’m fairly down to earth and I have a wicked sense of humour;-)



How are your studies going?

I’m currently working on a project about slag heaps, the hills that are made from the waste material coming out of mines. I work mainly with photography and video. I’m especially interested in those because they are the types of images that surround us in our daily life. I’m hoping my work will influence the way people look at certain things and perhaps even create a space for dialogue.



How’s the future shaping up?

Well, hopefully I’ll find a job in the audiovisual sector;-) I love working in a team so to be employed somewhere where I can exchange ideas and work as a collective would be just great. The more brains involved the more beautiful the project is what I always say!




What do you think about INDEE and what’s your part in the INDEE adventure?

I love the happy, fresh and relaxed vibe of the brand. I act as a videographer for INDEE which means I shoot, edit and calibrate all the online teasers. I have so far covered the SS21, FW21 and SS22 collections and I’ve really enjoyed working with the girls. The atmosphere is cheerful and laidback, just like INDEE and just as I like it!