This month, I had the pleasure to sit down with our INDEE Girl Janelle.


- Can you introduce yourself, what do you do in life? What are your aspirations? Your dreams? Your passions? 

My name is Janelle, I am 23 years old and I am an actress. I started very young and for as long as I can remember it has been my passion.

I simply aspire to make people around me happy to evolve and contribute to the evolution of others. 



- Can you tell us more about your personal style? Who is your style icon?

I've always been very interested in fashion, I've been surrounded by it. My personal style comes from observation, in all fields. From art, different cultures that I could meet while traveling.

-How important is fashion and modeling in your life?

Fashion is important in my life because I love aesthetics, I live in a world that seems beautiful and elegant. 




-How long have you been part of the INDEE adventure?

I have known INDEE for years and I have been able to participate in the adventure since this year. It's a great adventure that I share with my good childhood friends. It's a real family affair. 


-How would you describe INDEE? 

I think it's a brand that inspires positivity and makes you want to wear colors. As I said before, it's a brand that you can identify with and look good at any time of the day no matter what the season. 


- What are your must-haves for the FW22 Collection?

Black knitted skirt MIROW

Black zipped knitted sweater MYLIE


Low waisted straight denim jeans MARLEY 


Pink zipped knitted sweater MURANO