This month, I had the pleasure to sit down with our INDEE Girl Zoe.



- Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? What are your hobbies, dreams and aspirations?


My name is Zoé and I’m 13. I’m passionate about horse riding even if I don’t have the time to ride every day. I also swim and play the piano.




- How do you like to dress? Any particular style icon?


I don’t really have a personal style, but I do love color! As for any particular style icon, I don’t really have one. I guess I wear what I like without looking at what others do or being influenced by celebrities.


- What do you think of INDEE? Anything in particular you love about the brand?


I really love INDEE. It is bang-on trend but always with an original touch. It also has loads of colors, just as I like it. I really appreciate the fact that every collection will have a combination of strong, distinctive pieces alongside more basic ones.



- How long have you been part of the INDEE adventure? Do you enjoy being one of the INDEE girls?


Actually, that’s a funny story! I first met the INDEE team on one of the brand’s very first photoshoots back in May 2016. I was accompanying my cousin Raphaëlle whom I adore and who was modelling at the time. I too was asked if I wanted to join, but even though I could see everyone was having great fun I just didn’t feel ready yet. It is only 2 years ago that I decided to go for it, and I have not regretted it once! I’ve been on every single shoot since the SS21 collection. The atmosphere is great and everyone gets along. The girls but also the rest of the INDEE team, the photographers, the make-up artist… everyone is just super nice! But what I really love is that I get to spend quality time with my cousin Raphaëlle who has been a part of the INDEE adventure since the very beginning.



- Has your experience with INDEE changed the way you dress?


Not really, although I did add quite a few colorful INDEE items in my wardrobe!



- What are your must-haves for the SS22 Collection?


My favorite piece of the Collection has to be the LAUTREC top in cream, it is just gorgeous! I also really like the LOUISE pants in navy, and I’d say the LOVE jeans is definitely this season’s wardrobe essential. Last but not least, I love the super colorful LAMPEDUZA cardigan which matches perfectly with the LOUISE pants.