For this month of April, we're pleased to present one of our new INDEE Girls, Charlotte. She tells us about her life as an artist, her new music EP and welcomes us for an afternoon in the studio to record it. 
  • Can you introduce yourself and tell us about you and what you do in life?
    My name is Charlotte, I'm 26 years old, and in life, I'm an artist. I'm someone who always needs to move, to stay in motion. I consider myself like a chameleon, capable of adapting to different environments, a bit like a 4x4. I have a wide range of interests, which makes me eclectic and versatile. In my life, I try to be receptive to the signs sent by the universe. Very intuitive, I strive to discern what is good for me and what will make me evolve in order to give meaning to my existence on this earth. That's why I've found in performing arts a good means of self-exploration, by touching emotions and living fully in the present moment to create something beautiful between the audience and the stage.
    As an actress and singer, I recently performed at the Théâtre Royal du Parc in "Lysistrata" and in my own show "Charlie" at the Théâtre Jardin Passion in Namur. I also appear in numerous advertisements (Nutella, Scarlet, Jobat) and in a television film. As a singer, I give many concerts in bars, notably at Alice Bar, Fou Chantant, and L'Anti-Pièce, as well as for private events like weddings or birthdays. Additionally, I am a singing teacher, offering private lessons. Furthermore, I am working on creating an EP of pop/soul music. This project addresses themes such as my need for independence, self-esteem, feminism with a touch of rebellion in the voice.
    To maintain my body, which is my working instrument, I teach indoor cycling classes at Mix and Syncycle. I also teach improvisational theater to teenagers at the École de la Scène in Uccle, where I have also been a choreographer for the end-of-year show "Le Petite Chose."
    • What are your passions, hobbies and aspirations?
    My passions are singing, music, theater, dance, psychology, self-awareness tools, and yoga. I find deep satisfaction in spending my days engaging in activities that reconnect me to my true desire to be alive. That is my main aspiration.
    My hobbies include indoor cycling, an activity I recently discovered, which gives me a tremendous amount of energy. What I love above all is seeing the evolution of my participants: their fatigue upon arrival gives way to smiling faces dripping with sweat at the end of the session!

    • Tell us about your journey as an artist. How and when did you know that that was what you wanted to do in life?

    Since my childhood, I have been singing, although no one in my family practices this art. I have always been fascinated by big stars with powerful voices and Broadway shows, which led me to dream of one day being on stage myself. I received my first microphone at the age of 12 and spent hours singing karaoke on my computer, learning all the popular songs. After starting classical singing lessons at the academy to acquire basics, I realized that this was my passion, although I had never considered making it a serious career. After high school, my father offered me a gap year, during which I went to the United States with an organization called "Up with People". There, I sang and danced in a two-hour musical for over six months, across three continents. Upon my return to Brussels, I decided to pursue my passion for the stage by enrolling in the Florent acting course. Subsequently, I spent four years at the Royal Conservatory of Mons, where I explored playwriting, directing, and acting. My graduation project was a solo concert-theater performance titled "Charlie," addressing the pressures faced by young girls during puberty. After obtaining my degree, I managed to secure eight performances at a theater, which opened doors to the professional world for me. Simultaneously, I landed a role at the Théâtre Royal du Parc, allowing me to obtain artist status and financial stability to pursue my musical project.





    • What are your current projects?
    Currently, I am focusing on my training in marketing, distribution, and communication in anticipation of releasing a track on platforms. I am working with a manager on Groover Club to structure my artistic project and benefit from good advice. Creating content on social networks is essential for promoting my music and my stage persona. In parallel, I am working in the studio with my two producers, Eric Renwart and Guy Waku, on the third track of my EP. I am in a phase of musical exploration, seeking to define my artistic direction and refine the message I want to convey to my future audience.  
    • Tell us more about your EP. What is it all about?
    An EP, or extended play, is a music production that gathers several tracks, often used as a portfolio for independent artists. My French pop/soul EP was written during my last breakup, featuring catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics. It's upbeat music that invites dancing or simply smiling, spreading good vibes when needed. It's a way to turn my weaknesses into strength, and the melodies often stick in one's mind. This EP touches on the importance of not losing oneself in a relationship, of staying true to oneself despite the burning desire to be loved. It's a feminist ode that reminds us happiness can be achieved with or without someone else, always putting oneself first and finding independence as a woman. At the moment, I have two completed tracks, "On ne badine pas avec l'amour" and "Seule."  


      • What is the process of creating an EP? Are you alone in this journey our do you collaborate with other people?

      I don't really have a set method for creating; let's say it works on impulse, in bursts. Usually, a melody comes to me while driving, often when I'm engaged in an activity that doesn't require all of my attention. I can do writing exercises to stimulate my creativity, or play the same 3 chords on the guitar until something happens. I try to accept all of this without judgment, practicing automatic writing, and then using the other part of my brain (the more rational one) to review and make modifications. It's important for the 4 tracks of the EP to have a certain coherence, a guideline, a common vibe. When I have a beginning of a song or an excerpt, I make an appointment with my two producers and sing the song to them, and then they start getting involved in the composition process. Guy is a pianist, singer, and producer and Eric Renwart is the producer and founder of the group Laura Crowe & Him. They are really complementary and friends, so it's really great to work with them. Guy will help me more with the placement of my voice, the vocal harmonies during the recording, and Eric will take care of the mixing. However, they both contribute to the composition of the instrumental and the arrangements. It's a true creation triangle.


      • How long have you known INDEE, and what are your impressions of the brand?

      I've known INDEE since its inception, and I truly appreciate this brand. What I particularly love about INDEE is its original, casual, and colorful clothing. They manage to combine comfort and elegance, which is quite rare. For example, I have a blue sequined tracksuit that I've been wearing for four years, both for sports and going out. It's a truly versatile piece that perfectly embodies the spirit of the brand. For me, INDEE goes beyond just offering clothing. It's a mindset, a way of living. It embodies independence, joy, and spontaneity, values ​​that I totally identify with. The designs of their creations embody something like, "I feel free and confident, ready to face all the challenges of the day."




      • Lastly do you have dreams or future projects? Is there a type of project you’d like to do but haven’t had the opportunity yet?

      My dream is to convey an authentic message through my music, despite any potential media pressures. I want to continue to evolve and reinvent myself while staying true to my artistic truth. I would like to create a musical short film, blending music and on-camera acting, contributing to the writing of the script.