Last week we had the pleasure to welcome the winner group of our last photoshoot giveaway.

Elena, Estelle and Yelena are three best friends since a long time. They are going to boarding school together in Loppem in Bruges, they are all 14 years old and loves fashion.



We asked them a few questions about themselves, their style and what they love.


Let’s meet the girls:


- Can you tell us more about yourself, your passions, your dreams and aspirations?


Elena is always cheerful and friendly. With her there is always fun. She is a real talent in horse riding and she can tie down beams as the best!

Her dream is that her new little brother or sister is as crazy as she is ;)


Estelle is super sweet and very caring. For a golden advice you have to go to her, she will have the best one for you. She is also a top dancer and plays hockey as the best. She dreams of ever playing in the international team.


Yelena is a true fashionista. She is wise and a real sunshine in the house, it’s so nice to be around her. She has been playing piano for the last six years and also enjoys playing tennis. She is also really enjoying and happy to work on her own mini-business in jewellery. Her ultimate dream is to meat ABBA one day! ;)  




- What can you tell us about your personal style? Any style icon you relate to?


We go together at a boarding school and wear a uniform during the week. But when comes the weekend we go crazy!


Estelle is always fully involved with the trends. She always looks perfect. Her real style icon are @Manon Develder en @Lunaisabella.


Yelena always wears the best and most beautiful outfits. If you have any questions about fashion, just send a message to Yelena. 


Elena is more basic with her style but always with a nice touch.




- What are your thoughts on INDEE? What do you like about the brand?


For us INDEE is the perfect Belgian teen brand for girls. They are always on the trend with colours and style. It’s a brand for every teenage girl, you will always find something you like in the collection.   


- The girls outfits 

Elena : 



Estelle : 




Yelena :