Can you introduce yourself, what are your aspirations and dreams?

My name is Celia, I am 20 years old and currently in my 3rd year at ICHEC business school.
I have lots of interests: photography, reading, cooking… but my main passion is definitely sewing. I make most of my own clothes and I’m also getting quite good at making bikinis and swimsuits.

After graduating from High School, I did a 2 months Summer course in Fashion at the Central Saint Martin’s School in London. I hesitated between a Degree in Fashion or one in Business as I am really interested in both. In the end I chose Business and joined ICHEC, but I would love to combine both worlds in the future by working in the fashion industry, perhaps even by developing my own project.

How did you start sewing ?

When I was a child, my Dad got a job in Africa and our whole family moved to Kinshasa. My mother bought a sewing machine and we had a great seamstress come over at our house. She would make whatever we would think of:  dresses, costumes, clothes for my and my sister’s dolls… I have amazing memories from that time. I was only little, but I was already really interested in the creative process, imagining designs, choosing fabrics and colors. It really left a big mark on me. Bit by bit I learnt how to use the sewing machine myself. I watched tutorials, read books and learned how to use sewing patterns. I started off with basic designs like simple skirts and after a lot of trial and error I slowly moved to more complex stuff like the swimsuits. I haven’t stopped creating since and I still love it as much.

How important is fashion for you?

For me, fashion is a way of expressing my creativity. I find inspiration in almost everything, but I always try to put my personal stamp on an outfit.



I have a very individual style made of unique pieces which I then mix and match in combinations I love. The most important for me is to enjoy what I’m wearing, so I don’t really take into account what others might think. It is always about expressing myself and my personality, and what I stand for.

How long have you been part of the INDEE adventure ?






My mother is one of the founders of the brand, so I've been involved from the very start. I really enjoy helping out with the creative process by pitching ideas and giving suggestions. I have learnt a lot about the fashion design development process and my sewing skills come in handy when little adjustments or alterations need to be made to the first samples of the collection. I’m also very involved in the visual identity of the brand: I help out with the styling on photo shoots and I post on social media.

Has your experience at INDEE changed the way you dress?

It has, in the sense that I now experiment much more. It has made me a little more daring. I incorporate even more colors into my wardrobe and try out different styles and combinations. But I always strive to find that unique little touch that will set me apart from others.




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