Here are some of our INDEE girls favorite places in Brussels. 

Our INDEE girls Clélia, Brune and Daphné has spend a day in Brussels and wanted to share with you some of their favorite spots in the city. If you're in Brussels you should go to those locations without hesitating. 




Most of those spots are in the neighbourhood of Ixelles and Saint-Gilles, which are very close to the center of Brussels. All locations are quit close to each other, you can visit all of them in a few hours. 


The girls started the day at @Claude Hontoir, one of our 2 resellers in Brussels. It's a small shop located in Ixelles. You can find great brands for teenagers and for kids.

Place Brugmann a nice place known for its architecture and it's greenery, you can find in the neighbourhood great restaurants, bars and shops. The chatelain district and Louise avenue are only 15 minutes away by foot. 

 14 Place brugmann, 1050 Ixelles 







After walking 10 minutes they made a stop at @Les Petits Riens, a second hand store where you can find clothes for women, men, kids but also stuff for the house. They have a few stores around the city. 

101 Rue américaine, 1050 Ixelles




Since it's really close they had to stop at @Rose a proud Belgian store. If you are looking for funny gifts, it's the place-to-go. Candles, toiletry bags, mugs, notebook,… you can find it all. The shop is placed in the Chatelain district itself. 

56-58 rue de l’aqueduc, 1050 Bruxelles






At the end of the morning they went to see @Aroz Jewelry, a shop we love. They have a great choice of handmade jewelry.

 The 3 shops Aroz, Rose and Les Petits Riens are only a few minutes away from each other.  

50 Rue du Tabellion 1050 Ixelles




If you're interested in architecture you should also go to the Horta Museum. It's a museum that talks about Victor Horta, a famous Belgian Art Nouveau-architect.  


After a good morning of shopping it is time to eat. To eat delicious shrimp croquettes it's at Fernand obb that you should go. If you'r not a fan of croquettes you can try other Belgian specialities. They have an other restaurant in Brussels, in Stockel, if your near you can always go there. 

27 Rue de Tamines, 1060 Saint-Gilles





After a good meal and a full stomach, the girls continue their trip. Their next stop is at @Kat en Muis, our second reseller in Brussels. It's a really nice shop with great brands for kids and for teenagers. It's right in the center close to a lot of touristic place like La Grand Place. If you don't know Brussels that well you can walk around and visit some of the most famous place in the city. 

35-37 Rue du Vieux Marchés aux Grains, 1000 Brussels 





To finish the tour what is better than eating cookies? @Swookies might make the best cookies in the city. Melting, crunchy, mellow,… you will certainly find something that will make your mouth water. Swookies is just between Louise Avenue and Waterloo Boulevard, take a look at all the shops you can find in the neighbourhood. 

15 Rue Dejoncker, 1060 Saint-Gilles